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Singer Jimmie Herrod Commands The Stage

Portland singer Jimmie Herrod is Pink Martini's latest singing sensation, and he's commanding spontaneous standing ovations.

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Reflections On Peace: The Portland Japanese Garden

The Portland Japanese Garden is considered one of the finest examples of the art form outside Japan.

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Unlikely Hikers: A Hiking Group For The Rest Of Us

Not everyone feels welcome in the outdoors. Unlikely Hikers wants to change that.

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The Hidden World Of Oregon's Overlooked Falls

Surrounded by derelict shells of old mills and factories, the largest waterfall in Oregon has been a mystery to most. Until now.

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The Trail That's Not A Trail Through The Oregon Desert

Oregon's newest long-distance trail charts a rugged course through the heart of the desert.

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Step Back In Time At This Small Town Ski Hill

Warner Canyon: It's small, it's simple — and locals work hard to keep it that way. 

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Trek The Spectacular Wallowa Mountains With Legendary Mule Packer

Trek the backcountry of the Wallowa Mountains the old school way, with mules taking the heavy loads.

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Circling Crater Lake In Winter Is No Summer Picnic

To circle Crater Lake in the summer is easy. In the winter, it is an entirely different story.

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Columbia River Gorge Geology Tour

The Columbia River Gorge is a sight to behold, but what's even more breathtaking is the story behind its creation. Here's how two major floods shaped this spectacular area.

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Return To Mount Hood's Glacier Caves

The spectacular Mount Hood glacier caves that "Oregon Field Guide" documented in 2013 have all but disappeared. But why? Is it global warming, or is something else at play?