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Horse Logging At The Harmons

Oregon’s last horse logger and a family of foresters look to the future by carrying on a legacy of the past.

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Oaks Bottom Forge

One traditional forge in the Sellwood neighborhood of Southeast Portland has been attracting everyone from engineers to chefs who want to learn how to forge their own tools.

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1 Million Plants In A Year

A bold project aims to plant 1 million trees and shrubs in a single year in urban and rural Oregon.

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Dam Removals

In the past decade, several high-profile dam removals have happened in the Northwest.

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Roberta's Savanna

Visit a rare white oak savanna located on the south side of West Linn, Oregon.

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Lake Abert Dries Up

Oregon’s third largest lake dried up. Is more than drought to blame?

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Oregon Chub Recovery

The Oregon chub is the first fish to be removed from the Endangered Species List.

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Hyla Woods

A family timber firm says the forest itself must profit from logging more than they do.

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Rockfish and Marine Reserves

What do Smurfs, sonar and rockfish have in common? All are being used to see if Oregon's marine reserves actually protect the fish they're designed for.

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Imperial Stock Ranch

An Eastern Oregon stock ranch dedicated to sustainability.