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Winter Dawn At Hosmer Lake

At the height of summer, a trip to Hosmer Lake in the Deschutes National Forest means suiting up for battle against thick clouds of mosquitoes. That’s why "Oregon Field Guide’s" Nick Fisher waits for winter to break out his camera.

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The Tricky, Terrifying, Tedious Work On A Tug Boat

A trip down the Snake and Columbia Rivers aboard one of the tugs that push barges of grain, wood chips, garbage and other payloads between Lewiston and Vancouver year-round.

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The Hidden World Of Oregon's Overlooked Falls

Surrounded by derelict shells of old mills and factories, the largest waterfall in Oregon has been a mystery to most. Until now.

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Columbia River Gorge Geology Tour

The Columbia River Gorge is a sight to behold, but what's even more breathtaking is the story behind its creation. Here's how two major floods shaped this spectacular area.

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The Mysterious Glowing Creatures Of Northwest Waterways

A scientific and eye-popping look at the tiny creatures that produce light in seawater.

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North Fork Lewis River Photo Essay

A visual journey of the forests and waterfalls of the upper north fork Lewis River.

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John Day River Paddleboarding

A stand-up paddleboard adventure down the John Day River, the longest undammed river in Oregon.

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Bull Run Quake Science

New research aims to find out how destructive a Cascadia earthquake would be for Portland's water supply. 

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1 Million Plants In A Year

A bold project aims to plant 1 million trees and shrubs in a single year in urban and rural Oregon.

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Lost Lake Disappears Down 3 Holes Into Subterranean River

A lake in the Cascades has several holes in it that look and act like bathtub drains.