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The Tricky, Terrifying, Tedious Work On A Tug Boat

A trip down the Snake and Columbia Rivers aboard one of the tugs that push barges of grain, wood chips, garbage and other payloads between Lewiston and Vancouver year-round.

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The Hidden World Of Oregon's Overlooked Falls

Surrounded by derelict shells of old mills and factories, the largest waterfall in Oregon has been a mystery to most. Until now.

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Columbia River Gorge Geology Tour

The Columbia River Gorge is a sight to behold, but what's even more breathtaking is the story behind its creation. Here's how two major floods shaped this spectacular area.

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The Mysterious Glowing Creatures Of Northwest Waterways

A scientific and eye-popping look at the tiny creatures that produce light in seawater.

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North Fork Lewis River Photo Essay

A visual journey of the forests and waterfalls of the upper north fork Lewis River.

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John Day River Paddleboarding

A stand-up paddleboard adventure down the John Day River, the longest undammed river in Oregon.

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Bull Run Quake Science

New research aims to find out how destructive a Cascadia earthquake would be for Portland's water supply. 

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1 Million Plants In A Year

A bold project aims to plant 1 million trees and shrubs in a single year in urban and rural Oregon.

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Lost Lake Disappears Down 3 Holes Into Subterranean River

A lake in the Cascades has several holes in it that look and act like bathtub drains.  

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Portland Area Learns To Live With Urban Beavers

There's a beaver boom all around Portland. Local agencies let them stay where they are.