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1st Congressional District Election Results

Pete Springer/OPB

1/31/12 8:50PM UPDATE: Suzanne Bonamici has won the race and will become the representative for Oregon’s First Congressional District.

On Tuesday, voters in Oregon’s First Congressional District decide who will fill David Wu’s vacant seat. Suzanne Bonamici and Rob Cornilles have each raised over $1 million in this short special election cycle. Political action committees and the candidates’ respective parties have injected additional money into the race, with the Democratic National Campaign Committee alone throwing at least $1.3 million into the election.

The race is the first Congressional election of 2012 and national pundits are paying attention to what the results may mean for November’s elections.

Do you live in the First Congressional District? When did you decide whom you would vote for? How did the ads and debates affect how you voted? What does this election mean for Democrats and Republicans as they look forward to November?


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