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Conservation and Commercial Fishing

Pete Springer/OPB

The Nature Conservancy has gotten into the commercial fishing game recently. Its goal is to influence commercial fishers to fish more sustainably. The Conservancy has bought up a sizable percentage of what are known as catch shares — essentially permits to fish for certain numbers of different species of fish. It’s offering incentives for fishers to sign up to be in the group’s “risk pool” and agree to certain environmentally friendly practices. But the Nature Conservancy needs permission from the fishing industry’s governing body, the Pacific Fisheries Management Council, to own that many catch shares. If the Council doesn’t approve, the future of the Nature Conservancy’s commercial fishing conservation goals is, well, pretty fishy.

Are you a commercial fisherman? What do you think of The Nature Conservancy getting into the fishing game?


  • Cassandra Profita: OPB’s Ecotrope blogger
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