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Court Hears Pre-Trial Arguments In Mohamed Mohamud Case

Pete Springer/OPB

The Mohamed Mohamud bomb plot trial will begin in January. Last week, U.S District Judge Garr M. King heard from lawyers for the defense and prosecution over what witnesses should be allowed in the trial.

One of the most contested topics was whether the FBI agents involved in the case can testify in light disguise and behind closed doors. Judge King allowed for certain security measures to be taken, admitting that protecting the identities of the agents could hurt the defense

Also at issue was the potential bias of a witness for the prosecution — a 33-year-old global terrorism consultant named Evan Kohlmann. Lawyers for the defense argue Kohlmann should not be allowed to testify on the grounds of “Bias, exaggeration, inaccuracy and a totally non-objective advocates’ position.”

Judge King is currently considering the motions that have been filed.

What questions do you have about the Mohamed Mohamud case?

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