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Oregon businesses are split on the use of an online government system to verify an employee’s legal status. Federal contractors are required to use E-Verify. While some companies choose to use it voluntarily, 22 Oregon businesses have come together to voice their opposition to a mandate proposed in Congress that would require all employers to use the system.

Critics say that mandatory use of E-Verify would increase labor costs, which would then be passed on to consumers. They further claim that much of the job-seeking work force would not consider working in a demanding manual labor environment.

Supporters say E-Verify is a critical piece in immigration reform, used as a tool in stemming the flow of those who come to the U.S. illegally.

Are you a business owner or worker in a field heavily populated by undocumented workers? What is your position on the mandatory use of E-Verify? How would a law mandating the use of E-Verify affect you?


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