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Eating for Brain Health

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Oregon researcher Gene Bowman has been inundated recently with calls from newspapers like the Times of London and the New York Times, not to mention papers much closer to home. They’re all interested in his new study looking at the affect of certain nutrients and trans fats on aging brains. He says the study took a new approach to nutrition: instead of relying on reports from subject about what they ate, researchers tested their blood to see what nutrients were actually there.

Certain combinations were correlated with various cognitive functions. The study also revealed a negative correlation between trans fats and brain health. If you needed any more reasons to cut down on processed food and increase the veggies and legumes, you’ve come to the right place.

Bowman says he’s thrilled to be sharing results of the study, especially since they suggest relatively easy dietary changes as opposed to a new drug with potentially risky side affects. And, he points outs, with an aging population, the potential public health implications for using diet to delay or prevent Alzheimer’s and keep brains healthy are huge.

What questions do you have for the lead researcher of the study, Gene Bowman?

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