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Pete Springer/OPB

Gov. John Kitzhaber has just signed two bills that will extend unemployment benefits to Oregonians by another 26 weeks. This affects approximately 50,000 people as the state’s unemployment rate still exceeds the national average.

The Oregon Employment Department requires that job seekers make contact with employers every week. This means that they have to apply for work or discuss job openings with people in a position to hire them.

Some experts suggest that traditional methods of applying for work — submitting a resume in response to a job ad — are antiquated and ineffective. They say that if you want to land a job in today’s market, you need to be creative with your research and self-marketing.

This presents a need for unique services to older job hunters, who may be unaware of changing expectations.

How did you find a job that you wanted to keep? How do you think Oregonians make connections that result in job offers? If you’re an employer, how do you usually find people to hire?


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