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Halloween At School

Pete Springer/OPB

Growing up, I loved Halloween. There were few Disney princesses that my seven-year-old self didn’t dress up as and I would never allow the night to end until my pumpkin bucket was brimming with sweets. Halloween for kids is generally all about the candy and costumes, but for adults it can sometimes become a more complicated issue.

For example, for the second year in a row, Buckman Elementary won’t be allowing kids to wear costumes at school on Halloween. Brian Anderson, the principal at Buckman, says celebrating Halloween at school excludes some kids and can be very offensive. To appease disappointed students, the school will be hosting a Harvest Party with pumpkin carving and other fall activities.

However, this is far from the first Halloween ban to ever occur. Schools across the nation have enacted similar bans over the years, for numerous reasons. Bans like the one at Buckman beg the question: Are we being too politically correct, or is being sensitive to the feelings of all students the correct thing to do?

Are you a parent? Are your kids allowed to wear their Halloween costumes to school? How do you talk about this issue with your children?


  • Sarah Nagy: Parent of students at Buckman Elementary
  • Matt Shelby: Public Information Officer for Portland Public Schools
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