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Jeffrey Toobin

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Jeffrey Toobin may be one of the country’s most well-versed watchers of the Supreme Court. He writes about legal issues for The New Yorker and states his opinion about them as a analyst on CNN. He’s also penned six books on the country’s legal system. The most recent is The Oath: The Obama White House and the Supreme Court.

In The Oath Toobin explores what he sees as a tense and confrontational relationship between the White House and the Supreme Court. The dynamic began when the oath of office was fumbled at President Obama’s inauguration.

Toobin argues that the tension has continued even though it was Roberts’s vote that upheld Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Now with a presidential election less than a month away, and numerous issues including affirmative action and gay marriage before the Court, Toobin has a lot to share.


Here are some shots from our show with Jeffrey Toobin at Literary Arts in downtown Portland:

What would you like to ask Jeffrey Toobin about the current Supreme Court: recent decisions they’ve have made, or cases before them now?


  • Jeffrey Toobin: author of The Oath: The Obama White House and the Supreme Court
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