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Jonah Lehrer On Creativity

Pete Springer/OPB

When we think of creativity, we often think of artists. The archetypes of creativity are poets, writers and musicians. But neurologically speaking, is there anything significantly different about those people compared with engineers, bartenders and surfers?

Jonah Lehrer is the author of Imagine: How Creativity Works, which takes a look at the neuroscience of how brains generate creative ideas. He jumps from the example of Bob Dylan writing “Like a Rolling Stone,” to engineers designing Swiffer mops, and examines the similarities between both creative processes.

How do you express creativity in your daily life? Is it part of your work life? What questions do you have for Jonah Lehrer about creativity?

EDITOR’S NOTE: On July 30, 2012, we learned that Jonah Lehrer fabricated some of the quotes attributed to Bob Dylan in the book. You can read more here.

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