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Labor Commissioner Race

Pete Springer/OPB

State Senator Bruce Starr is challenging sitting Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian in this nonpartisan statewide race. The labor commissioner is responsible for some key areas of state government, including:

  • Enforcing equal employment laws
  • Enforcing laws that pertain to wages, overtime, working conditions and family leave
  • Keeping employers informed about employment laws and policies
  • Regulating apprenticeship programs

It’s a close race between these two candidates, who are pretty different from each other. While the commissioner’s job is nonpartisan, the candidates’ party loyalties are clear. Starr has served in the state legislature as a Republican for over a decade. Before Avakian became labor commissioner in 2008, he served in the Oregon legislature as a Democrat.

Are you following this race? What would you like to ask the candidates?


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