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Measure 73

Pete Springer/OPB

Measure 73 increases mandatory minimum sentences for some repeat sex offenders and imposes mandatory minimums for some repeat drunken drivers. Proponents say it is necessary to put certain repeat sex offenders and certain repeat drunken drivers behind bars. Many opponents argue that the cost to the state is too high at this time.

The measure comes at a time when FBI crime statistics show that the crime rate in Oregon is the lowest it’s been in 40 years. Kevin Mannix, chief petitioner of Measure 73, says that has everything to do with laws and measures he’s supported in the past, both as a former state lawmaker and backer of initiative petitions that impose mandatory minimum sentences for certain crimes.

Regardless, Measure 73 has garnered plenty of opposition in editorial pages and from a citizen review panel. And Mannix is himself facing his share of challenges, including the loss of his long-time financial backer and a state investigation into his finances.

Do you have experience with crime — as an offender, survivor or law enforcement officer? What do you think works to discourage repeat offenders? Are mandatory minimum sentences effective in reducing crime? What have you personally seen or experienced that influences your beliefs on this subject?


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