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Methadone Realities

Pete Springer/OPB

When most people hear the word methadone, they think of it as a treatment for heroin addiction. But last year, methadone was named as as contributing factor in 101 deaths in Oregon — more than heroin and nearly as many as methamphetamine.

Methadone has been lauded as a low-cost tool in chronic pain management. In fact, it’s become one of the most prescribed opioid pain killers. With its growth as a drug prescribed to treat pain, a black market has developed. Its increased prevalence has also led to higher death rates.

Do you consider methadone to be a safe and effective way to kick opiate addiction or treat chronic pain? What’s your experience?


  • Emilie Craig: Former methadone patient
  • “Terry”: Methadone patient
  • Chris Young: Oregon Deputy State Medical Examiner
  • Ron Jackson: Executive director of Evergreen Treatment Service
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