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New Police Leadership

Pete Springer/OPB

In the past three months, Portland police have gained a new chief and a new union president as well as a new police commissioner. Mike Reese had a tough first week on the job as chief. An officer was wounded and a man fatally shot by police just hours after Mayor Sam Adams announced that Reese would replace Rosie Sizer as chief. (At the same time, Adams took over the police commissioner job from Dan Saltzman.) Daryl Turner had a somewhat less eventful foray into his new position as Portland Police Association president about a month ago, though he did have to answer a few questions about his spicy rhetoric in the union’s newsletter, Rap Sheet. He is the first African American to hold the job.

Both Reese and Turner have been with the force a long time (Reese for 16 years and Turner for 19). Before he started patrolling in Portland, Reese was a deputy in the Multnomah County Sheriff’s office, a job he took after working as a counselor and program manager for area chapters of the Boys & Girls Club. He told the Oregonian he would like to see police training transition away from a “fear-based model” to one based on “competancy and confidence.” Turner originally hails from Newark, New Jersey and has worked in the Portland police vice unit.

What questions do you have for these new leaders? What experiences have you had with police — in Portland or elsewhere? What do you hope the new chief and union president will change about how Portland police operate? What should stay the same?


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