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Obama's Popularity

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In 2008, the majority of Oregon voters were swept up in the spirit of hope and change that was candidate Obama’s signature slogan. It was, among other things, Obama’s campaign promises that earned him the White House. But candidates often struggle to keep their promises after being elected. President Obama has faced criticism from within his own party on issues like health care, Guantanamo Bay and now a tax cut deal he struck with Senate Republicans to extend the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans for another two years in exchange for extending unemployment benefits; a compromise still being negotiated in Congress.

Referencing his support for Obama’s tax cut deal last week, Sen. John Kerry, D-MA said Monday:

This isn’t the choice we should have to make, but it is the choice we do have to make, and governing is always about choices.

But not all Democrats in Congress share Kerry’s opinion. Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio last week announced that he opposes the deal. DeFazio stated:

Compromise requires give and take, but once, again, the middle class gave and the millionaires took.

How do you think President Obama differs from Candidate Obama? Has the president fulfilled your expectations? When it comes to your elected officials, where do you draw the line between compromising and caving?


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