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Oregon: The Next 150 Years

Pete Springer/OPB

Oregon turns 150 years old this Saturday. The state has gone through immense changes in the last century and a half, and it’s gotten us thinking about what’s in store for Oregon in the future. What are your predictions?

What events, inventions, people and ideas will help shape Oregon and the world at large? Where will we live, where will we work, and how will get between the two? How might family structures evolve? What will we eat (and where will it come from)? What technological advances will define the age? It’s lots of conjecture, sure, but it’s rooted in a sense of where we’ve come from and where we’re headed.

What do you think our state will look like in 50 years? 100? 150? What scares you about the future — and what gives you hope?


UPDATE: We’ll spend the end of the show very much in the present. Tonight is the world premiere of an orchestral piece written in honor of Oregon’s 150th anniversary. It’s also the first commissioned work of 19 year old composer Taylor Brizendine. He’ll tell us what inspired him to write Hymn of the Earth — in between homework assignments.


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