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Oregon's Delegates to the National Conventions

Pete Springer/OPB

Over a hundred Oregon Democrats and Republicans are currently making travel plans to head to the National Conventions. Most have never been to a Convention before, but some are veterans of the process. The Republicans will meet in Tampa, Florida the week of August 27th. The Democrats will follow the next week in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

All of the Democrats will cast a vote for President Obama in Charlotte, but some Republicans are pledged to candidates that have long dropped out of the contest, such as Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul. Nevertheless, the Republican Convention is planned to be Romney’s party, with a little pushback from the Paul camp.

We’ll talk to some of the delegates on their way to Tampa and Charlotte, and find out why they’re going, and what they’re expecting.

Have you served as a delegate before? What questions do you have for delegates on their way to the Conventions?

Editor’s Note: Think Out Loud will be heading to the Republican and Democratic National Conventions to bring you live segments from Tampa and Charlotte.

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