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Primary Conversations: Governor (D)

Pete Springer/OPB

Sometimes I wonder why candidates don’t travel together as they end up at the same place so often. Democratic gubernatorial candidates Bill Bradbury and John Kitzhaber have faced off on TV for KGW and the Oregonian, and in front of crowds at Willamette Women Democrats, The University of Oregon, and the state’s business community. They’ve talked about how to create jobs and how to pay for education, whether to create a state bank and how to reform healthcare. This, of course, is only a partial list of the many appearances they’ve made — and the many topics they’ve discussed — across the state.

And this coming Monday they’re doing it again — right here at OPB. But it’s you who will make this conversation different from all the others. What do you really want to know from the candidates? What questions do you think they have dodged so far? What do you want to press them on? What are the issues of greatest importance to you in this important race?

You can post your questions for the candidates here or show up for the live event and have a chance to pose them in person.

This show will be recorded for TV and radio, in front of a studio audience, on Monday May 3rd at 7 pm at OPB in Portland. Everyone is welcome. Seating will be first-come, first-seated and the doors open at 6 pm.

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