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Reducing Crime in North Portland

Pete Springer/OPB

After a spate of shootings near N Killingsworth St last fall, many groups are coming together to address violence in the neighborhood.

Over the past few months, the Portland Police Bureau has attempted a “broken windows” approach to policing the street. They’ve committed three officers to about a ten block stretch of N Killingsworth St to address minor crimes like public drinking and graffiti with the idea that it will deter major crimes. Initial reports show some success, but the strategy is temporary, and it’s hard to know if the results will stay after the officers leave.

Meanwhile, local religious leaders have started the 11:45 project which organizes hundreds of volunteers willing to give 45 minutes of their week to walking the area engaging with youth.

Some activists are worried that some efforts may unfairly target the area’s low-income and minority residents.

Do you live, work, or go to school near N. Killingsworth? Have you noticed a difference in the police presence lately? Do you feel safer in that area? What are the consequences of more police? What has or hasn’t worked in crime prevention in your neighborhood?

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