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Rejoining the JTTF?

Pete Springer/OPB

Back in 2005, then-Portland mayor Tom Potter led the charge to withdraw the city from the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He argued, at the time, that the city needed to be given more access to information from the federal and local law enforcement partnership.

This issue has been relatively quiet over the last five years, but it roared back to the fore in the aftermath of a high profile arrest in November. Mohamed Mohamud was charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction for trying to detonate what he thought was a car bomb at a holiday tree-lighting ceremony at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Suddenly a very public and very divisive debate was back: should Portland rejoin the JTFF? The ACLU of Oregon says no; The Oregonian‘s Anna Griffin says it should, but it won’t; Mayor Sam Adams says he will decide using a “fact-based approach.”  (To read a quick primer and dip deeper into the debate, check out the city’s JTTF Review page.)

Mayor Adams wants to vote on the issue on February 24th. In anticipation of the vote, the City Council held its first public forum on Thursday the 13th at Portland State University.

Should Portland be a part of the JTFF? Why, or why not? Has the Mohamed Mohamud case affected your thinking on this issue?

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