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Shots Fired

Pete Springer/OPB

Jan. 10, 7:25am Update: There has been another shooting in NE Portland. Police say they have not found any shooting victims. There was also a fatal shooting at a convenience store in the Eastern Oregon city of Hermiston.

Jan. 9, 5:55pm Update: The most recent shooting occurred in the 15800 block of SE Martin St. where a man crashed a car police say was stolen before running into a nearby home. Shots were fired at officers from within the home, but no one was injured by gunfire.

Jan. 9, 3:45pm Update: There has been another shooting. We will post more information as we find out more.

Portland Police responded to five shootings in the past couple of days. The first four occurred on Sunday, and a fifth was reported early Monday morning. No one was hurt, but vehicles and at least one home were hit by gunfire. It’s unclear how these incidents are connected. Police are saying that the first four shootings may have been gang-related.

After a string of shootings back in June, police increased gang enforcement. How has that played out?

Were you a witness to one of the five recent shootings in Portland? What impact has gang violence had on your community?


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