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Staff Pick: Brian Doyle

Pete Springer/OPB

Each morning, after each show, I try to take a minute and think about what just happened. I think about what worked well that day, what didn’t, and what I’m going to remember from that particular hour of conversation.

But already in the middle of our September program with writer Brian Doyle, my mind was crowded with moments I wanted to remember.

Like when a caller, Amy, thanks him for The Wet Engine, a book about his infant son being born without one chamber of his heart.  “A bit of a logistical problem” he called it, before talking about what the book meant to him. His tone caught his compassionate humor.

Or when he credits his wife (or rather, “the woman who married me,” as he calls her) with knowing the secret to marriage. It’s not sharing a bed or a bank account, he quotes her as saying, but witnessing. Seeing a partner’s struggle and glory; seeing another soul at play.

And when he read Leap, the poem he wrote in response to 9/11.

In the middle of it all I remember thinking, geez, I have to listen back to this show. Later, that feeling was reinforced by listeners who told me of moments that made them pause, to think, or cry. 

So here is a chance to hear it again.

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