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State of the City

Pete Springer/OPB

Portland Mayor Sam Adams gave his first State of the City address before a packed crowd at the City Club of Portland Friday. He focused on Portland’s economy with some specific plans such as spending $8 million in federal stimulus money to provide training to people who are unemployed. The densely packed speech honed in on Portland’s energy future, calling the city “a living laboratory for clean technology and sustainable policy and practices.”

The mayor also touched on education and the Columbia River Crossing project. He made reference to the elephant in the room (his admission just over a month ago that he had a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old).

One day before, Vancouver Mayor Royce Pollard gave his state of the city assessment. His theme for this recession harkened back to his driving school days — “keep your hands on the wheel… and accelerate throught the curves.”

Pollard hailed the proposed new I-5 bridge across the Columbia as “the most critical investment” the region can make. He said $1.3 billion dollars in private money was on track to support riverfront redevelopment, and praised local green companies, a new library and new animal shelter.

He also noted that for the first time in history, Vancouver did not apply for state funds from Washington’s Transportation Improvement Board, because the city has no matching dollars, which are required for such projects.

What is the state of Portland and the surrounding region, in your view? What stuck with you from Mayor Sam Adams’ or Mayor Royce Pollard’s speech? And what do you think was left out?

What is your biggest concern for Portland and the metro area right now? If you live outside Oregon’s most populous city, how does the state of the city affect you?


  • Sam Adams: Mayor of Portland
  • Randy Leonard: Portland City Commissioner
  • Royce Pollard*: Mayor of Vancouver, Washington
    • NOTE: Mayor Pollard cancelled on the morning of the show.
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