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Summer Recess: Jeff Merkley

Pete Springer/OPB

Since he was elected in 2008, Senator Jeff Merkley has positioned himself as a leader on issues affecting the environment — in preserving Oregon wilderness and investing in alternative energy sources. The state’s junior senator has also been outspoken about ending the war in Afghanistan. Merkley has a record of supporting gay rights issues.

Merkley went against the grain on earlier this month when he voted no on the debt ceiling compromise. He tweeted about his reasons, saying that the deal was forged out of a process of extortion and that the rich inadequately contribute. Merkley has urged the bi-partisan “supercommittee” to prioritize job creation.

The senator’s assignments include the Budget Committee; Environment and Public Works Committee; Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee; and Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

What questions would you like to ask Senator Jeff Merkley?


  • Jeff Merkley: U.S. Senator, D-Ore.
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