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Tuition Increases

Pete Springer/OPB

Oregon’s seven public universities are seeking approval for tuition increases. All of the proposals are in the single digits, with Portland State University’s 9 percent proposed increase at the top. Western Oregon University’s proposed increase is the lowest at 5.1 percent. The State Board of Higher Education is expected to approve the changes at its meeting Friday morning*.

While tuition increases may be unpopular in Oregon, they are still lower than the 16 percent hike recently approved by the Washington Legislature. Not long ago, we discussed a Pew Study showing that college is already out of reach for many Americans, regardless of new increases. 

Is the cost of college keeping you from going? Are you a college student or college-bound in the fall? Are you a parent of a college student? What will tuition increases mean for you?

*6/3/11 Update: The State Board of Higher Education approved the tuition increases at their Friday meeting.


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