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What's Next for Occupy Portland?

Pete Springer/OPB

39 days after Occupy Portland began, the city has closed Chapman and Lownsdale squares. 51 people were arrested as events unfolded on Sunday. The movement is regrouping and deciding on its next steps.

Mayor Sam Adams has voiced support for the movement, and said he wants to be part of the conversation about where Occupy Portland should go next. He defended the sweep of the downtown parks as necessary for both public health and safety.

So what happens next for Occupy Portland? Given the nature of the movement, that will be the topic of discussion at forthcoming General Assemblies before any concrete steps are taken. The mayor has suggested the movement needs to focus on national issues, like corporate personhood, in order to effect change for the 99%.

The Mayor and several occupiers join us in studio for a conversation about where the movement may go next.

What do you want to see happen with Occupy Portland? Do you want to see another permanent camp established? What should the movement’s next steps be?


  • Sam Adams: Mayor of Portland
  • Jimmy Tardy: Volunteer with Occupy Portland
  • Illona Trogub: Community Organizer with Occupy Portland
  • Bob Kelly: Member of Occupy Portland Communications Committee

Editor’s note: We had initially said that Mayor Sam Adams would be in studio with the Occupy Portland participants. But minutes before the segment began, we were told he wasn’t going to make it and would instead be available on his cell phone. When we followed up after the show to ask why, his office simply said that other obligations came up.

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