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Whistleblowing at Hanford

Pete Springer/OPB

The clean-up at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Washington has been underway since 1989. Last year,  Whistleblower Walt Tamosaitis charged the Department of Energy, which is responsible for the clean-up, with being too cozy with its contractors, undermining safety. A federal nuclear watchdog agency also says the culture of safety at the facility is flawed. The DOE said it would make changes but objected to those findings.  Now, more Hanford workers are coming forward saying essentially the same thing. The Department of Energy vigorously defended its commitment to safety, saying it welcomes feedback and suggestions. The DOE had previously said it will take actions to strengthen safety at Hanford.  We’ll get the latest from Richland-based OPB Reporter Anna King.

Do you live near the Hanford nuclear reservation? Do you work on any part of the clean up? Do you have concerns about the plan for cleaning up nuclear waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation?

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