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As our coverage of PICA’s TBA Festival continues, we spend some time with the group Whoop Dee Doo. The best description of their work is in their own words:

An all-ages, anything-goes variety show, Whoop Dee Doo enlists wildly diverse participants and collaborates with a wild range of performers—from science teachers and Celtic bagpipers to clogging troupes, drill teams, and drag queens—all for an audience of wide-eyed children. This chaotic mix is an awkward yet endearing experience that embraces a huge range of tastes and sensibilities and strips away divisions between high and low art. 

Priding themselves on being inclusive, Whoop Dee Doo truly provides a new kind of performance art. The group is based in Kansas City, but as they travel the country, they tap into local art communities to create new shows. Here they collaborated with students at Caldera and PICA.

Best of Whoop Dee Doo!!! from Whoop Dee Doo on Vimeo.

Have you seen Whoop Dee Doo? If you were going to do something in their act what would it be?

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