A view from below of the  southwest corner of the Hawthorne Bridge's control room, green bridge with a blue sky behind, the office has windows on all sides.

The Hawthorne Bridge is the home of the control room for Multnomah County bridgetenders. "We definitely have a unique perspective." said Bridge Operations Coordinator, Aysha Ghazoul. "We're basically paying attention to the city as a whole. There are fires that happens. Sometimes I'll see a plume of smoke somewhere and it looks really bad, and I'll call the police and say, Hey, do you know that there's some sort of major fire over there? So we're basically on the lookout, not just for vessels, but for any activity. "

8-hour shifts, 8-minute bridge lifts: At work with Portland bridge tenders

For the latest installment of OPB’s “At Work With” series, we met with two unsung guardians of Portland’s transportation network: the Multnomah County bridge operators.

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