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Love leads to monumental artworks for Vancouver, Washington, metal sculptors

Husband-and-wife Jennifer Corio and Dave Frei worked in the high-tech world of Hewlett-Packard. Love and a smile brought the two together. But it was love of the arts that took them out of the office and into the world of public art. Corio and Frei recently sat down with "Oregon Art Beat" to share their journey.

How science and history created the delicious Oregon strawberry

Strawberries have a long history in Oregon, both as part of our agricultural landscape and also as part of our state's story. From arriving via the Oregon Trail, to varieties being developed to combat disease, to a century old celebration with enough strawberry shortcake to feed a city, Oregon is serious about its strawberries.

All Classical radio to relocate to downtown Portland in 2024

In 2024, All Classical will move its headquarters and its services to KOIN Tower in downtown Portland. The radio station will relocate to a 15,000 square-foot-office which would include a media arts center, recording studios and gathering spaces for community members.