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Klamath Falls Dogs, Animal Hospital Join Stem Cell Research

Roughly 20 participating clinics across the U.S. hope to have a total of 600 dogs in the overall study.

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Jackson County Increases Cannabis Growing Violation Fines

Jackson County officials are increasing code violation fines to $20,000 starting Jan. 8.

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Bend Backs Off On Downtown Parking Tickets

Officials in the central Oregon town of Bend say they'll refund money to drivers fined for parking vehicles deemed too long for downtown angled parking spaces.

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Washington's Dungeness Crab Season Delayed By Algae Bloom

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced Friday that the opening of the season on Washington's coast is being moved from Dec. 1 to Dec. 16.

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To Save Their Water Supply, Colorado Farmers Taxed Themselves

The recent drought in the West forced people to take a hard look at how they use water. In Colorado, some farmers tried an experiment: make their water more expensive without hurting business.

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Group Buys Stevens Pass Land To Avoid Break In Pacific Crest Trail

The private landowner had considered putting up a fence and cutting off public access to the trail.

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UO Pursues Conduct Charges Against Student Protesters Despite Backlash

University of Oregon administration is facing growing backlash over its decision to pursue student conduct charges against a group of protesters who disrupted a speech by UO President Michael Schill.

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Salmon Industry Wants To Prepare For More Acidic Oceans

Carbon emissions are making the oceans more acidic. That’s long been known to harm shellfish, but new research shows more acidic water could take a toll on salmon as well.

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Mount Everest Has A Poop Problem. A Team From Seattle Wants To Clean It Up.

Everyone poops — even climbers on the world’s tallest mountain. But some Northwest volunteers have designed a way to clean up all that human waste.

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Wolf OR-23 Shot And Killed In Wallowa County

Oregon State Police are asking for help finding a poacher who shot and killed a wolf in Wallowa County.