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Measure 97, PERS Divide Candidates For Oregon Treasurer, Secretary Of State

OPB | Sept. 29, 2016 3:15 p.m. | Clackamas, Oregon

The corporate tax measure and rising retirement costs are forcing financial debates among candidates for two of Oregon's top offices.

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Congressional Bill Paves Way For Return Of 'Kennewick Man' To Northwest

Northwest News Network | Sept. 29, 2016 3:15 p.m.

An amendment to the bill means the 9,000-year-old human remains discovered near Kennewick, Washington, 20 years ago will be returned for final burial.

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Marijuana Sellers To Oregon: Push Back New Packaging, Labeling And Testing Deadline

OPB | Sept. 29, 2016 12:04 p.m. | Portland

The next few days might be a good time to marijuan pot as retailers try to sell old inventory because of new state requirements.

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Rev. Graham Testifies About Intense Final Days Of Occupation

OPB | Sept. 29, 2016 10:28 a.m. | Portland

The Rev. Franklin Graham offered powerful testimony in federal court Thursday morning about the intense final moments of the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge earlier this year.

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Supreme Court To Hear Challenge Over Offensive Trademarks

AP | Sept. 29, 2016 7:55 a.m. | Wahsington

The Supreme Court will hear a First Amendment challenge by Portland band the Slants over the government's refusal to register offensive trademarks in a case that could affect the Washington Redskins.

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Court: PSU Student Improperly Booted Over Threat

AP | Sept. 29, 2016 7:09 a.m. | Portland

A graduate student studying conflict resolution at Portland State University was improperly expelled after allegedly threatening violence against faculty, the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday.

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Oregon Football Players Hold Team Meeting After 2 Loses

AP | Sept. 29, 2016 6:55 a.m. | Eugene, Oregon

Veteran players addressed their teammates on a practice field Monday, two days after the Ducks' 41-38 loss at home to Colorado. It's the first time in nine seasons that Oregon has dropped consecutive regular-season games.

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At Least 100 Injured, 1 Dead After Train Crashes Into NJ Terminal

NPR | Sept. 29, 2016 6:21 a.m.

Gov. Chris Christie told news outlets there was one fatality after a train apparently failed to slow down as it approached the end of the track. The roof of Hoboken Terminal has partially collapsed.

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No, Donald Trump Didn't Win Post-Debate Polls

NPR | Sept. 29, 2016 6:08 a.m.

The internet surveys the GOP nominee frequently cites are unscientific and can be easily manipulated. Reputable scientific polls taken after the debate show Hillary Clinton was the clear winner.

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WATCH: Unable To Name A Foreign Leader, Gary Johnson Has Another 'Aleppo Moment'

NPR | Sept. 29, 2016 5:35 a.m.

Asked to name his favorite foreign leader, or any foreign leader he admires, Libertarian nominee for president Johnson was unable to come up with an answer.