Oregon Archaeologists Discover 15,000-Year-Old Knife

In the high desert west of Burns, Oregon, a team of archeologists have discovered an unusual artifact they suspect is new evidence of one of the oldest human settlements in North America.

Photo: Bureau of Land Management Oregon

Sculptor Mike Leckie: Giving Life To The Lifeless

Mike Leckie, who has been a sculptor for nearly 5o years, works in bronze, cast iron, glass, marble and other stones. But he says that his medium is actually the human figure.

Photo: Alex Junquera

From War To Plow: Why USDA Wants Veterans To Take Up Farming

Sara Creech's nursing career fell apart after she returned from Iraq with PTSD. She found purpose - and a new path - on the farm. Now, the USDA is giving veterans like her more financial support.

Photo: John Wendle for Harvest Public Media