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Washington GOP Donates $89K To Clark County Candidate

The Washington State Republican Party has made campaign donations totaling $89,000 to Jeanne Stewart, a Republican candidate for Clark County Commissioner.

Photo: Krysta Maksim / OPB

Portland Author Cat Winters On Writing For Teens, What Her Family Thinks About Her Books

Cat Winters began her career writing adult historical fiction, but now she's making her mark with award-winning young adult novels such as In the Shadow of Blackbirds and The Cure for Dreaming.

Literary Arts: The Archive Project

Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. on OPB Radio

Author Wallace Stegner, the “dean of Western writers,” discusses fiction’s agenda to tell the truth and the ongoing adventure of the writing life.

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Arts & Life

'Little Dancer' Musical Imagines The Story Behind Degas' Mysterious Muse

Ballerina Marie Van Goethem started modeling for Edgar Degas around 1878 and inspired his statue Little Dancer Aged Fourteen. But history lost track of her after she left the Paris Opera.

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Are These The Next Crossover Country Stars?

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Oregon Divers Find Hope In Thousands Of Baby Sea Stars

Divers at the Oregon Coast Aquarium say their discovery of thousands of juvenile sea stars offer new hope that sea stars will recover from the widespread wasting syndrome that's wiping them out.

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Ashland City Council Passes Fossil Fuel Divestment Resolution

Baby Orca Missing In Puget Sound And Presumed Dead

Coos Bay Shipyard Cleanup Project Resumes After 14 Years

Environmental Groups Say Oregon Got It Wrong With Oil Terminal Permit

How To Kill An Invasive Plant On The Metolius River

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