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California's Drought Ripples Through Businesses, Then To Schools

California farmers produce an enormous proportion of American produce, but the state is now experiencing a record-breaking drought that is being felt throughout the state and the U.S.


Battleme at OPB

Watch Portland band Battleme play a set of songs from their latest, Future Runs Magnetic.

Photo: Nathan Tang / OPB


Stagepass Concert Series

Support local artists and get access to an exclusive concert series featuring Modern Kin, Mimicking Birds and more. Tickets on sale now.

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Arts & Life

Oregon Historical Photo: The Floating Ballroom

Michael Ringler, a gifted athlete, comes to Oregon and ends up designing one of Portland's most iconic buildings. Find out more about the history of the place where the Crystal Ballroom now stands.

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Wash. DNR Postpones Clear-Cuts It Approved Near Oso Landslide

Washington state officials have postponed selling 250 acres of timber on steep slopes near the town of Oso, where a deadly mudslide last month raised questions about the role logging may have played.

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