Photo: David Steves / EarthFix

The Golden Anniversary For Wilderness In America

Fifty years ago, the Wilderness Act was signed into law. The law’s passage set aside the first 9 million acres of wilderness including some of the favorite destinations in the Northwest.

Photo: Jason Lujan

Native American Artists Reclaim Images That Represent Them

While debates over the use of Native American imagery and heritage roil on, Native creators and entrepreneurs are asserting control over their own visual narratives.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images, Frederic J. Brown

For Anniversary, A New Chapter Of 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'

The chapter describes the Vanilla Fudge Room, an extra room in the chocolate factory. In it, Charlie Bucket goes to the factory with his mother – not his grandfather. The book turns 50 this month.

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Arts & Life

Oregon Historical Photo: Pristine Bull Run Water

Few Portlanders know the story behind the ingenious gravity-based system that delivers pure water to their taps from a source near Mount Hood. Find out how water was first piped from Bull Run Lake nearly 120 years ago.

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Wilderness Creates Challenges For Iconic Northwest Pine Tree

Wilderness areas are defined by law as places where "the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man." The whitebark pine, which grows mainly in wilderness, face the possibility of extinction. Many of the tree’s threats are connected to human-caused climate change.

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The Golden Anniversary For Wilderness In America

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