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How To Survive (And Maybe Even Enjoy) Thanksgiving Dinner

The holidays are a time to give thanks and be with the people we love. But sometimes those gatherings can be a bit challenging. This week, social-science based tips for having the best holiday season.

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The Man Behind The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

John Piper explains how a team of designers, painters, sculptors and more, work all year to get the parade off the ground.

A Strong El Niño Will Lead To Another Warm Winter

Despite cold weather during Thanksgiving week, Oregonians can expect another warm and dry winter.

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The Strange Truth Behind Presidential Turkey Pardons

Presidents have been pardoning turkeys for decades. But why? They used to eat them, actually. The history of the tradition is an odd and sad tale with lots of myths.

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Since Ferguson, A Rise In Charges Against Police Officers

The numbers remain small, and hard to quantify, but prosecutors seem to be under pressure to charge police in on-duty shootings, and the "benefit of the doubt" they enjoyed seems to be eroding.

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Thousands In Washington May Lack Power On Holiday

About 5,000 households in and around Spokane, Washington, are expected to be without power on Thanksgiving, more than a week after a windstorm devastated the region's electrical grid.

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