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Bottled Water, Oregon Shoppers Remain Tax Free Under Washington Budget

Oregon shoppers and bottled water will remain untaxed in Washington's next two-year budget, but a couple of other tax exemptions will be eliminated.

Photo: thedigitelmyr, Flickr

NPR Music's 25 Favorite Albums Of 2015 (So Far)

We'll call it in the air: 2015 is going to end up being a great year for music.

Photo: NPR

Security Firms Gear Up For Marijuana Legalization

Recreational marijuana will be legal in Oregon starting July 1. And with it comes a host of new business opportunities.

Photo: Austin Jenkins, Northwest News Network

Space Appears To Shrink Between Jupiter, Venus In Night Sky

Looking to the western sky throughout June, Jupiter and Venus have been moving closer and closer together, and this week, you'll be able to catch the last hurrah of the planets right next to one another.

Photo: Claus and Sandra Martel/NASA