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Oregon Has A Major Problem With Absent Students

In Oregon, 24 percent of eighth graders missed at least three days a month. Twenty-two percent of fourth graders missed school at least that often. That's worse than the national average of 20 percent for both grade levels.

Photo: Michael Clapp / OPB

Desert Music: Burning Man Confronts The Rising Beat

As Electronic Dance Music becomes more and more popular at the world's most extreme outsider arts festival, the playa's vibes are a-changing.

Photo: Ellie Pritts

How We Fight Wildfires

More than 43,000 wildfires have burned about 8.2 million acres across the country this year -- and there’s another month of the typical fire season to come.

Photo: MacGregor Campbell / OPB

Feds Propose New Water Quality Rule For Washington

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is following through on its promise to propose a new clean-water rule for Washington, in case the state doesn't come up with its own plan in time.

Photo: Thomas/Flickr