Photo: John Rosman / OPB

Portland's Willamette, Once Heavily Polluted, Now Home To A Swim Team

A group called the River Huggers has been swimming the Willamette three times a week, and they say the water is cleaner than you think.

Photo: Courtesy of Juliet Zulu Creative Agency

Oregon Lens 2014 Filmmaker Profile: Zak Davis of Juliet Zulu

Juliet Zulu, a Portland creative agency, is creating a series of pro bono films featuring members of the community such as beekeepers, tree workers and ex-military bike riders.

Oregon Art Beat

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Willy Vlautin writes a story into every song. His prose has been called an elegy of pain, sorrow, beauty and hope.

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Arts & Life

Oregon Lens 2014 Filmmaker Profile: Boaz Frankel

Boaz Frankel, co-host and co-creator of The Pedal Powered Talk Show, conducts interviews from a desk attached to the front of a Metrofiets cargo bike. The episode "Wind Dancer Flutes" is featured in this year's Oregon Lens series. Find out more about Frankel's career and his mobile talk show.

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