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'I Feel Nervous': When School Becomes A Sanctuary

OPB | Oct. 9, 2017 6 a.m. | Portland

What should schools do when a politically charged issue like immigration scares students?

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Trump Ties Immigration Demands To DACA Deal, Including Border Wall

NPR | Oct. 8, 2017 8:37 p.m.

President Trump wants sweeping immigration law changes as part of any legislative fix for the expiring DACA program. Democrats say this "fails to represent any attempt at compromise."

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ICE Targets Sanctuary Cities, Arrests 33 In Northwest

OPB | Sept. 29, 2017 1:58 p.m. | Portland

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced Thursday it targeted hundreds of people in sanctuary cities, including Seattle and Portland, during a four-day operation called "Safe City."

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Mount St. Helens Mining | PCC DACA Center | Teens And Sexting

OPB | Sept. 26, 2017 noon

We hear about a controversial mining plan near Mount St. Helens and a new DACA Resource Center at Portland Community College. Also, how are laws around teenagers and sexting evolving?

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Vancouver Launches Training In Response To Immigration Raids

OPB | Sept. 25, 2017 4:01 p.m.

For the first time in Southwest Washington, organizers are training community members on how best to respond to an immigration raid.

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Oregon Sheriff: Courthouse ICE Incident Builds Fear, Lowers Trust

OPB | Sept. 22, 2017 8:46 a.m. | Portland

Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett is concerned about a U.S. citizen's recent interaction with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in front of the county courthouse.

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Oregon's Governor, Hispanic Lawmakers Vow To Defend Latinos

AP | Sept. 21, 2017 6:41 a.m. | Salem, Oregon

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Hispanic members of the state Legislature vowed Wednesday to defend Latinos in the state, including those who entered the country illegally.

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Oregon Democrats Want Assurances About DACA, Immigration Raids

OPB | Sept. 20, 2017 3:22 p.m. | Portland

Six members of Oregon’s congressional delegation — all Democrats — want assurances that federal immigration agents will not target DACA recipients for arrest and possible deportation.

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ICE Presence Creates Chill At Clark County Courthouse

The Columbian | Sept. 19, 2017 1:55 p.m.

Some attorneys say Immigration and Customs Enforcement presence at Clark County courthouses discourages accessing the judicial system.

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US Attorney General Jeff Sessions Attacks Sanctuary Cities In Portland

OPB | Sept. 19, 2017 8:38 a.m. | Portland

Protesters gathered in Northwest Portland on Tuesday to call Sessions' visit "unwelcome" and "potentially dangerous."

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Fight Over Oregon's 'Sanctuary Law' Brings Immigration Policy Battle To The NW

OPB | Sept. 18, 2017 6 a.m.

Opponents of Oregon's "sanctuary law" are collecting signatures to put the issue on the ballot, and feelings are already running high on both sides.

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Lawmakers Vote To Make California A 'Sanctuary State'

NPR | Sept. 17, 2017 12:56 a.m.

The legislation would prohibit California law enforcement officers from communicating with federal immigration enforcement agencies, with some exceptions.

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Democrats Announce Deal With Trump To Shield DACA Recipients

AP | Sept. 13, 2017 7:04 p.m. | Washington

The top House and Senate Democrats have announced agreement with President Donald Trump to protect certain immigrants brought illegally to this country as children.

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Oregon, Washington Sue Trump Administration Over DACA Decision

OPB | Sept. 6, 2017 12:19 p.m. | Portland

Oregon and Washington have joined a coalition of other states to sue over the Trump administration’s plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.  

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DACA | Eagle Creek Fire | District Attorneys

OPB | Sept. 5, 2017 noon

We hear reactions to President Trump's decision about DACA, the Eagle Creek Fire and an ACLU of Oregon campaign about the role of district attorneys.

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For Undocumented Youth, Being Exceptional Is A Survival Tactic

OPB | Sept. 2, 2017 11:56 a.m. | Portland

Being undocumented sometimes means spending a lot of time trying to convince people why you deserve to stay in the United States. 

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News Roundtable | Oregon Health Authority | Race In The Classroom

OPB | Sept. 1, 2017 noon

Students are advocating for more classroom discussions about race and privilege. Also, we sit down with Oregon Health Authority's new director, and our news roundtable takes up some big stories of the week.

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Justice Department Faces Tough Questions Over Trump's Travel Ban

AP | Aug. 29, 2017 7:53 a.m. | Seattle

Three federal appeals court judges on Monday challenged the Trump administration's limited view of who is allowed into the country under the travel ban.

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Kicker | Black Market Marijuana | Immigration Legal Help | God Squad

OPB | Aug. 23, 2017 noon

There are not many options for legal assistance for immigrants in the Eugene area. Irrigators in Oregon and Washington are calling on the so-called "God Squad" to keep Snake River dams from coming down. Also, the kicker.

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Trump Defends Charlottesville Comments At Phoenix Rally

NPR | Aug. 22, 2017 8:59 a.m.

President Trump threatened a government shutdown if Congress refuses to fund the border wall he promised during the campaign.