Oregon House GOP leader stepping down

Amid rumblings that she could face a challenge to her role, House Minority Leader Vikki Breese-Iverson, R-Prineville, announced on Thursday she will step down.

How the UAW strikes could impact car shoppers

Historic as the UAW strikes may be, analysts say the actions are unlikely to impact car prices too much — for now. A new strike on parts distribution centers, however, could sting.

Portland artist Eatcho wants you to make discoveries in the details

Mehran Heard’s work is so rich with detail, it invites you in for a deep exploration. He creates elaborate paintings, illustrations, comics and colorful murals all around Portland. “You're going to have to look at that work and move around it and discover things on your own. And once you come to that personal discovery, you kind of own it personally.” Mehran’s recent piece “Mothers” is featured in the Portland Art Museum exhibition Black Artists of Oregon.