A woman with her back to the camera holds a bullhorn to her mouth to address a crowd of people. Some are holding a banner that reads "THIS IS AN EMERGENCY."
Monica Samayoa / OPB

climate action

Portland youths take their climate-action message back on the streets after pausing for the pandemic

The march to City Hall marked the first of what organizers hope will be many more in-person gatherings to rally for action to reduce burning fossil fuels and emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases.




PCC declines winter term COVID-19 vaccine mandate

“This is not equity. This is not being inclusive. This is not taking into account what people are feeling or thinking,” PCC Director Tiffani Penson said. “What is equity is us continuing to provide education opportunity, vaccination clinics and the conversation, and treating people with dignity and respect.”

Oregon COVID-19 cases

Source for all charts: Oregon Health Authority
Created by Jacob Fenton

Oregon hospital usage

Depending on staffing, Oregon has between 600 and 800 adult ICU beds and between 4,000 and 7,000 regular beds. Labeled percentages are for COVID cases.

Oregon vaccinations

Line does not distinguish between first and second doses. Researchers estimate Oregon will reach herd immunity when around 6 million doses have been distributed.

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‘OPB Politics Now’: Redistricting gets messy

On this week's episode, OPB political reporters Dirk VanderHart and Sam Stites break down a wild week in Salem in which lawmakers struggled to find consensus on new political lines.

People on small non-motorized boats float on a river.

Deschutes County keeps growing. What does that mean for the region?

Growth in Deschutes County continues to outpace the rest of the state. But as places like Bend continue to boom, how can the county grow responsibly? We hear details from Ben Gordon, the executive director of Central Oregon LandWatch, and Deschutes County Commissioner Phil Chang.