Oregon COVID-19 cases

Source for all charts: Oregon Health Authority
Created by Jacob Fenton

Oregon hospital usage

Depending on staffing, Oregon has between 600 and 800 adult ICU beds and between 4,000 and 7,000 regular beds. Labeled percentages are for COVID cases.

Oregon vaccinations

Line does not distinguish between first and second doses. Researchers estimate Oregon will reach herd immunity when around 6 million doses have been distributed.

Pfizer boosters ruled OK for high-risk groups

After overwhelmingly rejecting a plan to give Pfizer booster shots against COVID-19 to most Americans, an influential federal advisory panel has approved the extra shots for those who are 65 or older or run a high risk of severe disease

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‘OPB Politics Now’: Portland’s Texas boycott fumble and what lies ahead for redistricting

The city of Portland made a national splash a few weeks ago when the city council announced it would be boycotting the entire state of Texas. But after the city made the headlines, the plan changed. This week, we run down the details of how the city’s confused response to Texas’s near-total ban on abortions. We also discuss the redistricting fight state lawmakers are gearing up for.