NASA astronaut will vote from space

Astronauts have been able to cast ballots from above since the Texas legislature gave its blessing in 1997. "It's critical to participate in our democracy," NASA astronaut Kate Rubins said.

Curious Northwest

Fern Hobbs and the Snake River showdown

The year was 1913. In Eastern Oregon, the town of Copperfield was known for heavy drinking, corrupt local politics, daytime brawls and nighttime brothels. To the west of the Cascades, Fern Hobbs was developing her own reputation, as the first Oregon woman to receive an important political appointment after the state granted women the right to vote.

Online school prompts some parents to create pods for childcare, social interaction

Online learning presents challenges for both students and parents, who may be working from home, looking for work or need childcare. Some are forming in-person pods to deal with some of those challenges. We talk with parents from three families who formed a pod for their school-aged children.

Mike Schmidt

Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt on his approach to protests, police

Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt isn’t pursuing charges against most of the protesters Portland police have arrested, but police continue to make arrests. The police union and others have vociferously objected to his failure to prosecute, especially in cases involving rioting without accompanying charges related to property damage or violence.