Demetria Hester, a Black activist and survivor of a 2017 hate crime.

Portland activist Demetria Hester on Moms United for Black Lives and the revolution

Demetria Hester has been of the prominent voices in nightly protests against police violence and systemic racism in Portland. Last month, she was one of the central figures in the dissolution of the Wall of Moms, and the creation of the new, Black-led group, Moms United for Black Lives. She spoke with "Think Out Loud" host Dave Miller about the protests so far, and what comes next in what she calls the "revolution."

The release of an eye-catching list of possible budget cuts signals the start of the Oregon Legislature's end game: negotiations about taxes and budgets.

‘OPB Politics Now’: A whirlwind special session

Oregon lawmakers finished a whirlwind legislative session on Monday. They worked 15 hours. They passed 11 bills. And they managed to close a $1.5 billion budget shortfall.