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Dozens of Oregon law enforcement officers have been members of the far-right Oath Keepers militia

According to data leaked earlier this month and reviewed by OPB, more than two dozen current and former police officers, sheriff’s deputies, corrections officers, and members of the military in Oregon appear to have joined the anti-government, anti-immigrant extremist group since its founding in 2009.


Mingus Mapps is running for Portland city council.

Commissioner Mingus Mapps wants to use some surplus money on Portland police

Every City Council member is crafting their own ideas for how to spend the money. This week, Commissioner Mingus Mapps put his proposal on the table – one he predicts will be potentially the most contentious ask made during the upcoming budget monitoring process, a period when council members make changes to the budget they approved in the summer.


Oregon COVID-19 cases

Source for all charts: Oregon Health Authority
Created by Jacob Fenton

Oregon hospital usage

Depending on staffing, Oregon has between 600 and 800 adult ICU beds and between 4,000 and 7,000 regular beds. Labeled percentages are for COVID cases.

Oregon vaccinations

Line does not distinguish between first and second doses. Researchers estimate Oregon will reach herd immunity when around 6 million doses have been distributed.