The Oregon Department of Forestry said Friday it is tracking six major fires in the state, down from 17 originally.

In a news release, ODF said so far this fire season, there have been 886 fires on its protected lands. Across all of Oregon, there have been nearly 2,000 fires, which have burned more than 1 million acres.


The largest and least contained of the major fires in Oregon is the Lionshead, burning west of the Warm Springs reservation. As of Saturday morning, it had burned more than 200,000 acres and was 43% contained.

Fire crews have made progress on other fires like the Holiday Farm Fire, burning east of Eugene and Springfield. That fire was 73% contained as of Saturday morning, and Highway 126, which had been affected by the fire, reopened for travel Friday.

Crews are still working to contain the Beachie Creek and Riverside Fires, burning east of Salem, and other fires including the Archie Creek Fire, burning northeast of Roseburg.


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