After complaints of bullying and retaliation, Eugene 4J School Board votes to mutually separate with its superintendent

By Rebecca Hansen-White (KLCC)
March 7, 2024 6:49 p.m.

Over the last several months, Eugene 4J Superintendent Andy Dey has been investigated and reprimanded for allegations of retaliation. On Wednesday night, the district’s board unanimously decided to part ways with Dey. The “mutual separation” will take effect June 30.

Eugene 4J Superintendent Andy Dey in a 2023 photo.

Eugene 4J Superintendent Andy Dey in a 2023 photo.

Brian Bull / KLCC


After the vote, board chair Maya Rabasa read a statement on behalf of the school board and Dey:

“Our students and their families get up every weekday morning for school and they have placed their trust in us to provide the very best educational experience we can. In navigating the complexities of this transition, we acknowledge the constraints imposed by personal and legal matters. We appreciate the community’s understanding and patience as we adhere to these necessary protocols, always striving for fairness and transparency.”

Before the vote, two community members including Carrie Copeland, spoke up in support of the superintendent and to ask for clarity about allegations against him.


“You risk losing the trust of this community, which hurts this district,” Copeland said “I request you release the contents of this investigation and clarify your process to this community.”

The district has rejected a records request from KLCC for the investigation into Dey.

Dey has also recently been faced with an additional allegation, as reported by the Eugene Weekly, that he kissed an employee on the cheek without her consent in February. Board members have not publicly acknowledged any complaints, investigations or censure against Dey.

According to Dey’s contract, which KLCC obtained through a public records request, the district had to make a decision about his future by March 15, or his contract would have automatically renewed. The school board’s choices included termination with or without cause, which could have been costly, with the district on the hook for an additional year of salary, about $240,000, or potentially costly litigation. His contract does not provide details about how much the district pays if the two parties mutually agree to part ways.

The school board hired him in a 4-3 vote in 2022 amidst allegations from community members that he had bullied others while he was an administrator. At the time of his hiring and in the few years since, the school board has seen significant conflict and turnover. Only two of the current school board’s seven members, Maya Rabasa and Judy Newman, were on the board when Dey was hired.

Before he was hired as superintendent, he most recently worked as the district’s director of secondary education. he previously served as principal of Agnes Stewart Middle School, then South Eugene High School. Prior to his roles with 4J, Dey worked for the Springfield School District as assistant principal of Thurston High School.

Dey’s last day as the 4J superintendent will be June 30.