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18th Century Butts, Moving Statues And Other 'Metropolitan Stories'


Christine Coulson has written her debut novel about the hidden life of the place where she worked for 25 years: the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Felicity Huffman Begins 14-Day Prison Term In College Admissions Scandal


Huffman must also pay a $30,000 fine, perform 250 hours of community service and spend a year on probation.

How Julie Andrews Made Herself At 'Home' In Hollywood


In a new memoir, the actress writes about the films and creative collaborations — like Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music — that marked the height of her fame.

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Harold Bloom, A Rare Best-Selling Literary Critic, Dies At 89

Over a redoubtable career, Bloom wrote scores of books, edited many more and irritated innumerable intellectuals. He died Monday in New Haven, Conn.

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Roy, Oh Roy: That 'Succession' Finale Was A Trip

In the second season finale of HBO's Succession, the Roys regroup after their difficult congressional hearings. It turns out the family that yachts together ties itself into knots together.

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Not My Job: We Quiz 'Watchmen' Star Regina King On Luxury Watches

Oscar winner Regina King — who has appeared in Jerry Maguire, If Beale Street Could Talk and The Boondocks — is now starring in the HBO superhero series Watchmen.

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In 'Me,' Elton John Pulls Back The Curtain On A Storied Life

In a wide-ranging interview with NPR about his memoir, the rock star shares that at 72 years old, he's finally ready to look back. He offers thoughts on his royal friends, drug use and cell phones.

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'We've Got More To Say About You': Olive Kitteridge Is Back, And Complex As Ever

Elizabeth Strout won a Pulitzer Prize for her 2008 novel that spun together 13 connected stories of love, loss and loneliness. She returns to the small town of Crosby, Maine in Olive, Again.

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'El Camino' Gives Jesse Pinkman Life Beyond 'Breaking Bad'

The new Netflix movie starring Aaron Paul as a desperate Jesse, on the run immediately after the events of the Breaking Bad finale, explores the trauma that his association with Walter White created.


Versatile, Smudgy, Suitable For Women? Exhibition Traces The History Of Pastels

Pastels are fragile and therefore difficult to put on public display. But an exhibition in Washington, D.C., has 64 artworks on view, and celebrates centuries of artists working in the chalky medium.

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Nobel Prizes In Literature Go To Olga Tokarczuk And Peter Handke

The Swedish Academy made the unusual move of awarding the honor to two writers this year, after scandal prevented the committee from handing a prize out last year.

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How High School Debate In 1990s Kansas Explains The Present: A Novel Argument

Author Ben Lerner's new semi-autobiographical book, The Topeka School, finds a competitive-debate whiz kid navigating adolescence — and perhaps the precursors to today's American politics.

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Aldous Harding Lives In The Haunted Ether With 'Zoo Eyes'

The New Zealand artist rounds out a bizarre and wonderful trio of videos from her stellar album, "Designer." She plays the Aladdin Theater in Portland Monday 10/14.

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