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Navigating Culture And Crushes In 'Frankly In Love'


David Yoon's young adult debut follows Frank Li, a Korean American kid who concocts a plan to keep his strict parents from finding out that he's dating a non-Korean girl — what could go wrong?

Not My Job: Zach Galifianakis Plays A Game Called 'Between Two Derns'


The comedian is best known for his internet series Between Two Ferns, so we've invited him to answer three questions about actors Bruce and Laura Dern.

With 'Slave Play,' A Young Playwright Provokes His Way To Broadway


Jeremy O. Harris, 30, started writing a sexually explicit, transgressive and comic work as a graduate student at Yale. It proved a surprising smash hit, and will soon open on a much bigger stage.

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Some 'Podunk' Town In The Middle Of Nowhere

"Podunk" is supposed to be bleak and isolated. But there are a few things that people who use the term might not know. For one, it really exists. For another, its history predates the United States.

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Here Are The Nominees For The 2019 National Book Awards

Colson Whitehead and Marlon James headline the longlists of names in contention for the literary prize. Altogether, 50 books across five categories stand a chance at winning the award in November.

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Life, Love, Coming Out And Culture Shock In 'Juliet Takes A Breath'

Gabby Rivera's new young adult novel, Juliet Takes a Breath, follows a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx who comes out to her family just before leaving for an internship in Portland, Ore.

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In The 'Downton Abbey' Film, A Royal Visit Proves Rather A Spot Of Bother

The new film is "less a victory lap than a cakewalk." Everything about the TV series — those aspects you loved, and those you didn't — is reproduced here with astonishing fidelity.

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Constructing Jazz Inside Fine Art, And Vice-Versa

The jazz pianist has pulled the curtain off his polymathic abilities, bringing his fine art exhibition — which includes video, installations and performance — home to New York.

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'Red At The Bone' Cuts Close To The Bone

Jacqueline Woodson's exquisitely wrought new novel follows two black families of different classes whose lives become intertwined when their only children conceive a child together in their teens.


The Next Stage: How Young Venezuelan Artists Continue Their Studies In The U.S.

More than 200,000 Venezuelans have fled to South Florida in recent years. Now, with the help of Miami arts programs, young dancers and musicians are getting scholarships to keep doing what they love.

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'There Isn't Just One Type Of Black,' Says Comedian Nicole Byer

The rising comedy star and host of the Emmy-nominated cooking competition Nailed It! has gone to therapy weekly, escaped grief on stage and taught herself to do her own makeup for television.

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Amitav Ghosh: 'The World Of Fact Is Outrunning The World Of Fiction'

Ghosh's latest book, Gun Island, is a modern retelling of a Bengali myth. He believes old legends have a lot to teach us about how to think about the catastrophic effects of climate change.

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Cookie Artist Teaches Edible Lessons In Asian American History

Jasmine Cho makes cookie portraits of people like Takao Ozawa, who was denied U.S. citizenship on the basis of race in a landmark case. Her goal: to make social justice lessons more palatable.

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