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'The Assassination Of Gianni Versace' Isn't What You Think It Is

Despite its Versace-focused ad campaign, the second season of FX's American Crime Story spends most of its running time attempting to plumb the psyche of his murderer — with mixed results.

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Alan Alda Wants Us To Have Better Conversations

We've all experienced miscommunications. Their consequences can range from hilarious, to disastrous. The actor Alan Alda — yes, that Alan Alda — wants to help us avoid them.

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Give Us Your Moments Of Love; We'll Give You A Poem

For Valentine's Day, we offer a love poem request line. Tell us about a moment in your life involving love, and NPR's Rachel Martin and author Kwame Alexander will find a poem to capture that feeling.


Sunday Puzzle: A Twisted Ending

The New York Times crossword editor and Weekend Edition puzzlemaster Will Shortz presents this week's puzzle to Robert Switzer of West Hollywood, Calif., and NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro.

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Not My Job: We Quiz 'Star Wars' Director Rian Johnson On 'Storage Wars'

The man behind The Last Jedi answers three questions about the reality show where people guess the contents of repossessed storage lockers.

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Luka Kain: Pikachu, Strike A Pose

Luka Kain talks about his breakout role in the movie Saturday Church, about a genderqueer teen finding community in the NYC ballroom scene. Plus, he's gotta guess 'em all in a Pokémon challenge!

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'The Chi' Falls Short Of Giving The South Side Its Own 'Wire'

Critic Eric Deggans has been waiting for a show that makes pop culture poetry out of Chicago's mostly black South Side neighborhoods — but The Chi doesn't quite hit the mark.

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Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'I, Tonya'

This week's show takes a look at an emerging awards contender in the acting categories: I, Tonya, the semi-mockumentary retelling of the life of Tonya Harding, controversial figure skater.

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At The Golden Globes, Not Just Another Red Carpet

This year, industry reports of sexual harassment and abuse echoed on the red carpet. Some celebrities chose to wear black to convey their support for people who have reported misconduct.

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James Franco Denies Sexual Misconduct Claims, Saying They're 'Not Accurate'

Several claims against Franco have surfaced on Twitter. In a TV appearance Tuesday, he rejected them — but he also said, "I can't live — if there's restitution to be made, I will make it."