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Put Your Face In It: How Gaming Helped Me Understand My Dog

If you want to know how a dog sees the world, ask yourself how you explore virtual spaces with your controller. No, really!


Not My Job: We Quiz The IMF's Christine Lagarde On NYC's Fiorello La Guardia

We ask the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund three questions about the former New York City mayor.

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Sacha Baron Cohen Is Hit-And-Miss In 'Who Is America?'

Sacha Baron Cohen likes to dress up and try to get people to say dumb things, and in one case in his new Showtime series, he finds success. But other times, the show falls flat.

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Exploring, Not Explaining, The Mind Of Robin Williams

Robin Williams is the subject of a new HBO documentary called Come Inside My Mind. Using clips and interviews, it documents his unusual process and his complicated life.


Sunday Puzzle: The Missing Letter

NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro and puzzle master Will Shortz play the puzzle this week with Tom Roberts of Narragansett, R.I.


Past Food

Ophira and Jonathan describe discontinued, disconcerting and sometimes disgusting fast foods. Contestants must guess if the foods are real or fake.


Come Visit!

Get your passports ready! In this audio challenge, contestants listen to a tourism ad and guess where in the world it's trying to advertise.


Great Chemistry

As the band Semisonic once said, romance is "All About Chemistry." Ophira and Jonathan read from the Tinder messages of chemical elements that are trying to bond before it's "Closing Time."


Literal One-Named Bands

Jonathan sings songs from bands that go by one-word names, changing the lyrics of each to be about the literal definition of each band's name. It's a Journey, don't Rush, take time to Muse.


Fact Bag

Buckle up for FACT BAG! Ophira and Jonathan draw trivia questions from a bag and must debate the correct answers before they're revealed. They're facts in a bag, people. A bag of facts.