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'The Four Top': Fernando Divina | Jill Lightner | Amanda Oborne


Can a different style of grocery store end the drought in a so-called "food desert"? How can we rethink food waste to incorporate it into our weekly menus? And what exactly is the "Regenerative Agriculture" movement? 

VIDEO: Dandelions Aren't Just Weeds. You Can Fry Them, Too


Expert forager and nutritionist Debbie Naha shows us how to turn those bright yellow flowers into nutritious, and delicious, snacks.

'The Four Top': Rebecca Hopkins | Cathy Huyghe | Hannah Wallace


Could a career in the food or beverage industry be harmful for workers' mental health? How do wine professionals stay healthy in a fairly unhealthy line of work? And why is a bar one of the most stressful places to work?

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Haute Pot: How High-End California Chefs Are Cashing In On Marijuana

From TV series to cookbooks to cannabis-infused menus at upscale restaurants, pot cuisine is becoming an increasingly lucrative niche — and state and local laws are struggling to catch up.

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'The Four Top': Dana Frank | Jordan Michelman | Andrea Slonecker

So-called "natural wine bars" are all the rage right now. Why? And what are the new, surprising wine-food pairing rules? Finally, who knew that eggs are sometime used to make wine?

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African-American Craft Beer Brewers Unite To Host A Festival Of Their Own

Craft beer is booming, but it is not very popular in the African American community, and there are few black brewers. The first craft beer festival for African American brewers aims to change that.

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'The Four Top': Michelle Smith | Kelly Montoya | Julie O'Toole

Learn about selective eating and food phobias, two lesser-known eating disorders afflicting children. Next, discover Little Sous, a new concept for turning kids into confident cooks. And finally, a cookbook author and food blogger fills us in on raising kids who are health-food junkies. Listen to Episode 48 of "The Four Top."


Struggling Farmers Turn Excess Milk Into Cheese And Yogurt For The Hungry

Dairies are dumping millions of gallons of surplus milk every year. In Philadelphia, food banks are working with farmers to use that milk to make food that goes to pantries and shelters.

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'The Four Top': Drew Prindle | Chase McPeak | Sam Slaughter

How are robots changing the food and farm industries? Should cooking be forever analog? Is tech reinventing the beverage category? Listen to Episode 47 of "The Four Top."

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In Search Of American Food

What makes a dish "American" anyway? Chef Edward Lee traveled the country to find out.

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'The Four Top': Steven Raichlen | Marnie Hanel | Jen Stevenson

Are you up to date on the latest grilling techniques and tools? What's up with the current jerky craze? And even the outdoor cooking pros have experience with flame-driven fiascos.

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VIDEO: Hunting For Morels, The Most Delectable Mushroom Of The Forest

The elusive morel is one of the most sought-after wild mushrooms. Expert foragers typically don't like to disclose their favorite picking grounds to others. We got one to share his tips.

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'The Four Top': Dr. Greg Jones | Hannah Wallace | Jordan Michelman

How soon will climate change the face of the wine industry? How do devastating forest fires influence wines? And why must rosé be relegated to summer?


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Recipes, tips and how-to's from around the Northwest.