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Cranberry Relish: The NPR Recipe That Divides Thanksgiving Tables


It's the Friday before Thanksgiving, which means it's time for the annual recitation of Mama Stamberg's cranberry relish. Love it or hate it? Listeners weigh in.

Mexico's Endangered Stingless Bees Mysteriously Find A Sweeter Home In Cuba


The bee, cultivated and revered by the Maya for thousands of years, is leaving its shrinking habitat for the Caribbean island, which uses its small-batch citrus-flavored honey mostly in pharmacies.

In 'Solo,' Chef Anita Lo Celebrates The Art Of Cooking For One


Meals for one should not be a sad or boring affair, says Michelin-starred chef Anita Lo. In her new cookbook, Lo goes beyond bitter greens, blue cheese and monkfish to serve up fun meals for one.

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In Soul Food Cookbook, Chef Carla Hall Celebrates Black Culinary Heritage

For a long time, the celebrity chef says, she failed to appreciate the food she grew up with. The book reflects her personal journey to embrace the meaning and depth of African-American foodways.


Have You Made Or Tasted Mama Stamberg's Cranberry Relish? Tell Us About It

NPR's annual Thanksgiving recitation of the recipe for Mama Stamberg's cranberry relish is coming up, and we need your help.

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How A 19th Century Chemist Took On The Food Industry With A Grisly Experiment

Deborah Blum's book, The Poison Squad, tells how Harvey Washington Wiley and his band of chemists crusaded to remove toxins, such as arsenic and borax, from food. How? By testing them on volunteers.

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'The Four Top': Ashley Rodriguez | Brent Braun | Zach Geballe | Chad Murphy

What's it like to suddenly find yourself a celebrity in the wine or culinary world? What sorts of meals should you cook your boo to nourish your relationship? And how can you use food and drink to kickstart party conversations?


Do Healthy Diets Protect The Planet? As The U.N. Meets, A Focus On Sustainability

As United Nations leaders gather in New York, top food and nutrition experts are convening for a forum to talk about how people around the globe can have both a nourished diet and a healthy planet.

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'The Four Top': Fernando Divina | Jill Lightner | Amanda Oborne

Can a different style of grocery store end the drought in a so-called "food desert"? How can we rethink food waste to incorporate it into our weekly menus? And what exactly is the "Regenerative Agriculture" movement? 

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VIDEO: Dandelions Aren't Just Weeds. You Can Fry Them, Too

Expert forager and nutritionist Debbie Naha shows us how to turn those bright yellow flowers into nutritious, and delicious, snacks.

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'The Four Top': Rebecca Hopkins | Cathy Huyghe | Hannah Wallace

Could a career in the food or beverage industry be harmful for workers' mental health? How do wine professionals stay healthy in a fairly unhealthy line of work? And why is a bar one of the most stressful places to work?


Haute Pot: How High-End California Chefs Are Cashing In On Marijuana

From TV series to cookbooks to cannabis-infused menus at upscale restaurants, pot cuisine is becoming an increasingly lucrative niche — and state and local laws are struggling to catch up.

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'The Four Top': Dana Frank | Jordan Michelman | Andrea Slonecker

So-called "natural wine bars" are all the rage right now. Why? And what are the new, surprising wine-food pairing rules? Finally, who knew that eggs are sometime used to make wine?


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