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Struggling Farmers Turn Excess Milk Into Cheese And Yogurt For The Hungry


Dairies are dumping millions of gallons of surplus milk every year. In Philadelphia, food banks are working with farmers to use that milk to make food that goes to pantries and shelters.

'The Four Top': Drew Prindle | Chase McPeak | Sam Slaughter


How are robots changing the food and farm industries? Should cooking be forever analog? Is tech reinventing the beverage category? Listen to Episode 47 of "The Four Top."

In Search Of American Food

WAMU 88.5

What makes a dish "American" anyway? Chef Edward Lee traveled the country to find out.

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'The Four Top': Steven Raichlen | Marnie Hanel | Jen Stevenson

Are you up to date on the latest grilling techniques and tools? What's up with the current jerky craze? And even the outdoor cooking pros have experience with flame-driven fiascos.

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VIDEO: Hunting For Morels, The Most Delectable Mushroom Of The Forest

The elusive morel is one of the most sought-after wild mushrooms. Expert foragers typically don't like to disclose their favorite picking grounds to others. We got one to share his tips.

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'The Four Top': Dr. Greg Jones | Hannah Wallace | Jordan Michelman

How soon will climate change the face of the wine industry? How do devastating forest fires influence wines? And why must rosé be relegated to summer?

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Anthony Bourdain: Serving Up Inclusion

While the nation mourns the loss of the chef, writer and humanitarian, many people in communities on the margins are especially sad at the loss of a friend and champion.

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Remembering Anthony Bourdain, Explorer And Enthusiast

The chef came to prominence writing about the restaurant kitchens he knew best. He was, particularly on his TV shows, infinitely curious, hungry for everything.


Only 6 People In The World Know The Recipe For Portugal's Famous Tarts

In a family-owned cafe outside of Lisbon, select bakers make a custard treat called the Pastel de Bélem, which draws fans from all over the world. But the recipe has been closely guarded since 1837.

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Spoonfuls Of Stonehenge: Modern Ice Cream Flavors Inspired By History

A small-batch ice cream maker in Baltimore explores the sweet — and salty, spicy and even a little nutty — sides of historical people and places through clever, deeply researched flavor combinations.


Why The $#%& Can't He Wash The Dishes?! The Chores That Can Sink A Relationship

A study finds that washing dishes is a big deal for women when it comes to the division of labor. But it taps into an even bigger idea — that women are emotionally exhausted by household management.

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Milk! The 'Most Over-Argued Food In History'

Author Mark Kurlansky discusses his new book Milk! with NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro, and the roots of modern debates on dairy.


Dozens Of Victims Are Still Coping With The E. Coli Outbreak In Romaine Lettuce

"Most of them would really like to have their health back, but that's not going to happen," says the food safety lawyer representing 58 victims who fell ill after eating tainted greens from Arizona.


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Recipes, tips and how-to's from around the Northwest.