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Why The $#%& Can't He Wash The Dishes?! The Chores That Can Sink A Relationship


A study finds that washing dishes is a big deal for women when it comes to the division of labor. But it taps into an even bigger idea — that women are emotionally exhausted by household management.

Milk! The 'Most Over-Argued Food In History'


Author Mark Kurlansky discusses his new book Milk! with NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro, and the roots of modern debates on dairy.

Dozens Of Victims Are Still Coping With The E. Coli Outbreak In Romaine Lettuce


"Most of them would really like to have their health back, but that's not going to happen," says the food safety lawyer representing 58 victims who fell ill after eating tainted greens from Arizona.

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How 'Peasant Food' Helped Chef Lidia Bastianich Achieve Her 'American Dream'

Bastianich grew up eating farm-to-table meals with her Italian family. After they fled Europe as refugees and emigrated to America, she drew on those childhood meals in opening her first restaurant.

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Portland Girls' Cookbook Raises $10,000 For Jane Goodall Chimps

As sixth-graders, 14 Portland, Oregon, girls decided to create a fundraiser vegetarian cookbook. As high school freshmen, they just donated $10,000 to Jane Goodall's sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees.

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Portland's Vegan Moment Is 100 Years In The Making

Going back in Oregon history, it’s apparent that the rise in veganism didn’t come out of nowhere. It's been building for more than a century


Local Courts Lift Arkansas Weedkiller Ban, Creating Chaos

The state's summertime ban on the use of a popular weedkiller has dissolved, for now, as a result of court decisions. Some confused farmers are rethinking their plans for this year's crops.


Antarctic Veggies: Practice For Growing Plants On Other Planets

We may cultivate crops in space one day, so scientists are running an Antarctic greenhouse to prepare. They've harvested the first crop, but like any space mission, it's a bit tricky.


In North Carolina, Hog Waste Is Becoming A Streamlined Fuel Source

North Carolina isn't rich in coal, natural gas or oil, but it has more hogs than nearly any other state. And for years, scientists and farmers have been trying to turn swine biogas into electricity.

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Don't Mess With The Sweet Potato Pie: A Museum Wrestles With 'Authentic' Black Menu

When the National Museum Of African American History and Culture's cafe tweaked traditional Southern black dishes, some customers weren't having it. It just shows how tricky "authentic" food can be.


Youth Farm In Hawaii Is Growing Food And Leaders

The program practices tough love — Hawaiians call it kuleana, or a sense of personal responsibility. Kids commit to more than two years of work, and get free college tuition for their "sweat equity."

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A Feast For The Eyes: An Art-Inspired Food Tour At The Met

An ancient Greek shopping list that reads like a modern text. Broken eggs that signal a "ruined" woman. The food depicted in the Met's collection is ripe with hidden references.


After 3 Decades, Washington State Bans Atlantic Salmon Farms

The move comes seven months after an ill-fated fish farm collapsed, releasing as many as 250,000 of the non-native fish into areas where wild, Pacific salmon are already struggling to survive.


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Recipes, tips and how-to's from around the Northwest.