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Puerto Rican Cooking And The American South Mix In 'Coconuts And Collards'


Author Von Diaz' cookbook Coconuts and Collards offers a vegetable-forward take on foods she learned to cook from her Puerto Rican grandmother and on the fly in her family's kitchen near Atlanta, Ga.

'The Four Top': Beth Federici | Ivy Manning | Kathleen Squires


The inside scoop from the 2018 Oregon Truffle Festival, from truffle techniques to James Beard and the state of food-focused festivals. Also, what are the best food flicks of all time?

When Other Cultures' Holidays Become An Excuse To Party


From St. Patrick's Day to Cinco de Mayo, holidays from specific cultures and religions have been embraced by people looking for a reason to celebrate. What's gained and what's lost?

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'The Four Top': Nick Fauchald | Martha Holmberg | Christina Henry de Tessan

Food magazines are shutting down at an unprecedented rate, but could there be new opportunities in this sector? Next, cookbooks are moving in a more classic, less celebrity-driven direction. And finally, we discuss ultra high-end, self-published culinary tome.


Eureka! California-Grown Coffee Is Becoming The State's Next Gold Mine

Sure, a cup of California-grown coffee sells for about $18 a cup, but people are buying it. The niche industry is booming with no signs of slowing, and the state's farmers still can't meet demand.

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'The Four Top': Mary Paganelli | Virginia Gewin | Heather Arndt Anderson

There's an exciting movement underway among Native American chefs who are researching, seeking out, and celebrating traditional foodways, and in the process, promoting health and cultural rediscovery in their communities.

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Coffee Or Tea: In Dickens' World, It Might Be A Choice Between Good And Evil

The author of a new book, Dinner with Dickens, has an insightful — though far from scientific — observation: The Victorian writer's good characters prefer tea while dodgier ones lean toward coffee.


'The Four Top': Connie Blumhardt | Kenneth Olson | Jordan Michelman

Have you caught the "Third Wave" of the coffee movement? Can you tell the difference between a microroaster and a nanoroaster? And what's the deal with coffee in cans?

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Boozing With The Bard: How The Masses Find Common Ground With Shakespeare

From a theater company where audiences drink along with the actors to a book of cocktails inspired by his plays, alcohol has long been "a great provoker" in making the Bard's work more relatable.

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Jews Feast On Forbidden Foods To Remember Rabbis' Radical Banquet

Ancient Jewish teachings ban pork, shellfish, and meat mixed with dairy in the same meal. Some modern Jews wanting to evolve the way they eat look to a scandalous feast of the past for inspiration.

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With 'Hawker Fare,' Chef James Syhabout Shares Laotian Food He Grew Up With

When he started writing the cookbook, chef James Syhabout went to his mother's hometown in Laos to sample the food. Now, he hopes to introduce more people to the cuisine.


'The Four Top': Molly Wizenberg | Paul Clarke | Matthew Amster-Burton

Remember the era of TaB Cola? Is La Croix past its prime, and if so, what's next? And finally, what would you choose to drink if you were trapped on a desert island for the rest of your life?

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Vibrant Flavors Of Mother Russia Color The Kachka Cookbook

Chef/owner Bonnie Morales of acclaimed Portland restaurant Kachka brings vibrant recipes, family tales and cultural insights to a lively, coloricious cookbook celebrating the foods of the former Soviet Union.


Cooking With OPB

Recipes, tips and how-to's from around the Northwest.