Elizabeth Miller


Elizabeth Miller is OPB’s education reporter.

She previously covered the environment and the Great Lakes for ideastream in Cleveland, Ohio.
Her pieces have aired nationally on NPR and on other programs including "Marketplace" and "Here and Now."

She also spent time working at an Akron news station and as an intern on NPR’s national desk. An Ohio native, Elizabeth is a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University.

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View from an Oregon special education administrator: Mental health, behavior, staffing among biggest challenges

OPB’s series on the state of special education has featured students, parents, and staff members across the Portland area. The series has found that some students with disabilities are missing out on school while staff are stretched thin trying to deal with increased needs. Education reporter Elizabeth Miller recently spoke with another staff member — a special education administrator — about how things look from the district office.

A day in the life of an Oregon paraeducator

When you think about who works in a school, you think of teachers, principals, custodians, counselors — but there are also paraeducators. Paras are deployed to help students with disabilities make the most of their education.