Jenn Chávez
Jenn Chávez

Jenn Chávez


Jenn Chávez is a podcast host and producer with Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Jenn has been making audio in Portland for over a decade, as both a community media and public media journalist. For six years, she was regular voice on OPB's radio airwaves as a host, announcer and newscaster. Her reporting work for OPB has included stories about health, homelessness, immigrant communities, art, activism, Mexican culture in the Pacific Northwest, libraries and more. Prior to joining OPB in 2017, she hosted and produced the local news radio show "The Five Quadrants of Portland" on XRAY-FM, reporting on marginalized communities and the local news and issues that affect their lives.

Jenn has a BA in literature and writing from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Before journalism, she worked as a film-nerdy video store clerk, and remains a source of unsolicited movie recommendations.

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