Julie Sabatier
Julie Sabatier

Julie Sabatier


Julie Sabatier is a producer for Oregon Public Broadcasting's daily talk show, "Think Out Loud."

Julie joined the "Think Out Loud" team in 2008. She was also the creator and host of the public radio show and podcast "Rendered" until the show retired in 2015. Julie previously worked as the staff writer for Just Out, reported for Willamette Week, served as podcast producer for Bitch Magazine and produced stories for "The Splendid Table," NPR and "99% Invisible."

Julie graduated from Oberlin College with a bachelor’s degree in English. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Interstate 5 runs through the Rose Quarter in Portland, Oregon, Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017.

Rose Quarter freeway project struggles to find community support

Shortly after one of its members resigned, the Oregon Department of Transportation abruptly disbanded the Community Advisory Committee on the I-5 Rose Quarter expansion project, saying it would instead rely on input from a new entity called the Historic Albina Advisory Board. Many committee members responded with a letter that said, “We hope that this new Historic Albina Advisory Board (HAAB) will not feel unheard and undervalued in the same way that we have felt as part of the CAC.”

Portland educator seeks to help others understand whiteness

The Portland Underground Grad School offers classes in a variety of topics from history to improv comedy. This fall, PUGS is once again offering a course called “Interrogating Whiteness: An American Unstory.” We hear from Sarah DeYoreo, the Portland writer and educator who teaches the class, about what it means to critically examine white racial identity.

Rhiannon Chamberlain (right) and her son Jack, 4, participate in a video call with his classmates from home in Portland, Ore., Friday, March 27, 2020. Statewide school closures have left many parents in charge of their children's education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Oregon Department of Education on distance learning requirements

The Oregon Department of Education has laid out the recommendations and requirements school districts need to follow for this unprecedented school year. The department has made updates and changes throughout the summer, and it released the newest version of its guidelines earlier this week.

Fatal shooting in Portland leads to increased policing

On Saturday, a man was fatally shot amid conflicts between protesters in downtown Portland. In response, Oregon Gov. Brown has announced a plan for more involvement from federal authorities, along with assistance from state and county agencies.