Monica Samayoa
Monica Samayoa

Monica Samayoa


Monica Samayoa is an award-winning climate and environmental journalist.

Her work has covered how communities in Southern Oregon continue to recover from wildfires, as well as the decades of groundwater pollution in Eastern Oregon and its impacts to the communities. She's also closely examined how urban planning in Portland makes heat domes particularly deadly for marginalized communities. Recently, she’s been covering the clean energy transition, climate solutions & adaptations and environmental justice.

Before OPB, Monica was an on-call general assignment reporter at KQED in San Francisco. In 2017 she studied abroad in Sydney, Australia, where she attended the University of Technology Sydney to finish her degree. There, she was able to get her first taste of radio while producing and hosting for 2SER, Sydney Educational Radio.

Monica holds a bachelor's degree in broadcast and electronic communication arts from San Francisco State University.

In her free time, Monica likes to spend time with her family and friends and travel to the world. So far she has traveled to 17 countries.