1922 Astoria Fire

Astoria’s Great Fire of 1922

In the early morning hours of Dec. 8, 1922, fire tore through Oregon’s oldest city in what was known as Astoria's Great Fire.

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James Lee Hansen defines the look of Northwest sculpture

James Lee Hansen is one of the Northwest’s most prominent and influential sculptors. His imposing bronze installations are on view at the Portland Art Museum, Maryhill Museum, Clark College and institutions throughout the region. Hansen established his own foundry in Battle Ground, Washington in the 1970s. Today, at age 97, Hansen is proud of the more than 600 sculptures he’s created. “It's a legacy,” he says, “and I think everybody wants to have a legacy.”


Beaverton artist Allison Wonder’s magical world of dolls

Allison Wonder’s Beaverton, Oregon apartment is a magical fairyland – floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with dolls and their accessories. “The thing I love most about dolls,” he says, “is that I can do pretty much anything I want, it’s just in miniature.” He creates custom costumes, props and sets for his dolls then takes them on location for elaborate photo shoots. Growing up in small-town Michigan, Allison wasn’t allowed to play with dolls. Today he never leaves home without one.