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A remembrance and celebration of Oregon artists who died in 2021

It is with sadness but also a deep appreciation of their work that we remember artists who died in 2021. All of us on Oregon Art Beat are honored that these artists shared their stories with us. We celebrate their indelible contributions to the arts and culture landscape of Oregon.

Music for a (second) pandemic Christmas

Whether you love it, hate it, or something in-between—Christmas music is a genre you can’t escape during the holiday season. JT Griffith joins us to talk about what's new for 2021.

A celebration of Oregon’s diversity debuts at Portland International Airport

A wine bottle, a Chinook salmon, a comic book, the Siuslaw Bridge: At first glance, the 127 bright and colorful objects that make up one of the latest public artworks to debut at Portland International Airport could seem random. But take a step back, and the images and colors combine to tell a story about Oregon.

DIY funerals empower families who want their own approaches to the end of life

An informal network of consumer activists, bereaved parents and green burial advocates are building websites to advise and empower families who may wish to handle funeral arrangements themselves. "Home funerals" are legal, yet just one of a widening set of options for how to lay a loved one to rest.