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Oregon’s official state poet returns

Oregon governor Kate Brown reappointed Anis Mojgani as Oregon’s Poet Laureate for a second term. Mojgani, who originally started serving in the coveted position in May 2020, will now continue through 2024.

He’s heading to nationals, bringing poems to life through sign language

Oregon School for the Deaf senior Trayshun Holmes-Gournaris is only the second deaf student to win the state's Poetry Out Loud competition by performing three poems using American Sign Language. He will now represent Oregon at the national semifinal round.

Portland creator Daniela Molnar explores the shape of loss

Artist Daniela Molnar does it all. She makes her own paint with pigments and water that she forages from the wild and in Portland. She is also a painter and a poet. Molnar has launched the New Earth Series, which includes shapes of glacier loss all over the world. She derives the "shapes of loss" from satellite images.