Dying For A Fight

"Dying For A Fight," the second installment in Somethin’ Else’s "The Fault Line" series, investigates the killing of Sean Kealiher, an anti-fascist and anarchist. In 2019, months before the racial justice uprising and daily protests that would bring Portland international attention, Kealiher was killed while leaving a bar that was a known hangout for the city's anti-fascists. Nearly two years later, his homicide remains unsolved, and his mother Laura Kealiher believes police hatred for her son, and his politics, is the reason why. "Dying For A Fight" takes you on a personal level into the lives of those at America’s political extremes. This show is a co-production with Oregon Public Broadcasting.



‘Dying for a Fight’ Episode 1: The Death of Sean Kealiher

Sean Kealiher was killed Oct. 12, 2019, near a popular bar for Portland’s anti-fascist scene. An SUV ran him over and crashed outside the Democratic Party of Oregon headquarters. Gunshots rang out through the night sky, and whoever was driving fled the scene, leaving the vehicle behind. Now, almost two years later, his mother Laura Kealiher is demanding police answer why his killing remains unsolved.


A crowd of demonstrators gathered at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Jan. 20, 2017, and began marching through downtown Portland in protest of the inauguration of President Donald Trump.

‘Dying for a Fight’ Episode 2: A fight brews

In this episode, we look at who was in the streets leading up to one of the most significant years in American protests, and what brought them there.

Jeremy Joseph Christian (center wearing American flag), the man accused of a fatal stabbing on the MAX train, attended the April 29 "March for Free Speech" on 82nd Avenue.

‘Dying for a Fight’ Episode 3: It’s a conspiracy

Oregon’s long history of racism was what brought Sean Kealiher and so many protesters like him to the streets. That history is part of the reason Laura Kealiher believes Portland police aren't solving her son's killing.

‘Dying for a Fight’ Episode 5: It’s personal

After Sean Kealiher was killed, his mother Laura was subjected to brutal harassment from conservative trolls at her home and online—and it was Sean’s antifascist friends who provided her security, not the Portland police.

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