We are proud of the progress we’ve made but recognize there is much more to do to make OPB an anti-racist organization.

This work is complex and ongoing, with no final destination.

As we look to a future serving all communities in the Northwest, and fostering an internal culture of belonging and inclusion, the next steps we are taking in our journey include:

· Developing OPB’s organizational equity plan, which reflects our strategic priorities and identifies specific actions to move us forward in our equity work. We are gathering input from staff in this process through inclusive conversations and feedback forms.

· Addressing the critical issue of pay equity and retention of people of color. Last year, we commissioned a pay equity study by an outside organization. They conducted a rigorous review of each OPB position and collected extensive employee and manager input. The study is completed, and we are determining next steps.

· Fully pivot our HR systems and processes to focus on employee experience.

· We continue to expand our team of journalists to cover more communities in more depth. Most recently, we’ve added a new health and social justice editor, a rural communities reporter, and another reporter in central Oregon.

Illustration: Special for OPB by Terry Blas.