The word “public” is in our name. For much of OPB’s 100-year history, “public” meant providing free and equal access to news, information and programming to people across our region.

Today, it means so much more.

It means OPB has a responsibility to embrace and reflect the diversity of the world, in particular Oregon and southern Washington.

Every person has a unique perspective on both our history and our future. As we chronicle our region, we strive to tell each story with the care, thoroughness and attention to equity it deserves.

We have a responsibility to investigate and confront our region’s legacy of and continuing struggles with oppression, marginalization, and systemic racism.

We cannot report the stories of today without recognizing the injustices of the past, because history is alive. It continues to shape this place where we live.

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As we work to build a better, more inclusive and responsive public service for everyone in our region, we are also committed to building a better OPB for our employees. We must make equity and inclusion central to everything we do.

We’ve made mistakes in the past, and we’re committed to correcting them. We’re listening. We’re learning.

How do you think OPB can be more equitable and inclusive in serving you? Let us know by filling out our audience feedback form.

Illustration: Special for OPB by Terry Blas.
Collage image credits L-R:
· Protesters marching against racist violence and police brutality block traffic on Highway 84 in Northeast Portland, Ore. on June 8, 2020. (Jonathan Levinson / OPB)
· Oria Boyd, 16, speaks into the bullhorn at a protest against police brutality in Portland, Ore. on June 3, 2020. (Jonathan Levinson / OPB)