We are looking for curious storytellers from all walks of life to apply for OPB’s Summer 2024 internships. Participants get hands-on journalism experience under the mentorship of working journalists and editors.

  • Digital first journalism
  • Narrative storytelling
  • Professional mentorship

Apply at: Internship opportunities at OPB

Want to apply or know someone who should? Get your application in by January 7, 2024.

More details

Our program is a 10-week (06/24/2024- 09/06/2024), paid program that takes place at our OPB office in Portland, Oregon.

Pay: $19.23 per hour/ 40 hours per week.

OPB is hiring for three internship spots for Summer 2024. OPB interns receive a rich, comprehensive experience to help springboard their journalism careers through gaining hands-on experience at OPB. Participate in creating award winning award-winning video, radio, web and podcasting content. Report on news that matters and aggregate the best national and international stories and programs. Learn about our multiple platforms - with a robust technical backbone that allows viewers and listeners to find us anywhere, at any time. We offer the opportunity to add to your portfolio, network with some of the best in the business and work with respected public media professionals who are excited to share their craft and experience.

We encourage people who have a strong interest in the future of public media, evolving forms of communication, and new forms of multimedia to apply. We welcome your application even if you have not had any formal training in journalism, production, or if you didn’t major in journalism. People with majors ranging from communications, public relations, strategic communications, business, history, English, and science have served as interns at OPB.

Candidates will be assigned to one of three specific opportunities including our Internship for Emerging Journalists, Jon R. Tuttle Journalism and Production Diversity Internship, and the Maynard E. Orme Internship. The Internship for Emerging Journalists is focused on creating public media career pathways for traditionally underrepresented individuals. The Jon R. Tuttle Journalism and Production Diversity Internship goal is to increase participation of people with diverse ethnic backgrounds who are traditionally underrepresented within public broadcasting. Maynard E. Orme Internship provides an opportunity for student journalists at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication to develop their skills and explore careers in public media.

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for an internship?

Visit our application portal and read the complete description and requirements for each available position. Through the portal you will be able to create a profile and upload a resume, cover letter, and writing samples (when appropriate).

Who can apply to an internship?

Some of our internships require qualified applicants to be a current student (in an accredited degree program) or have graduated no more than 12 months prior to the start of the internship. We also offer opportunities for those who are not current students. We do not accept high school students.

I live outside of the United States, can I still apply?

Interns must be authorized to work in the United States. All interns must be prepared for in person work based in Portland, Oregon.

Do I have to include a cover letter?

Please refer to the specific job posting (make sure to read it in its entirety) to determine if a cover letter (or any applicable work samples or supporting documents) is required.

To whom do I address my cover letter?

You can address your cover letter to the OPB Internship Team.

How much do interns get paid?

All interns are paid $19.23 per hour.

How many hours per week do interns work?

Internships are typically full-time at 40 hours per week.

The application deadline has passed! Can I still submit an application?

Once the application deadline has passed, we will no longer be accepting any applications. You are welcome to apply to the next internship cycle if you are still eligible.

How do I know my application was successfully submitted?

You will know that your application was successfully submitted once you receive a confirmation email stating that we have received your application.

The Charles Snowden Program for Excellence in Journalism

OPB participates in The Charles Snowden Program. For more information about how you can be placed as an intern at OPB as part of this program, please visit snowden.uoregon.edu.